“Made for Greatness” Fall 2015 Retreat with Father Marcin

FallretreatYoung adults across the Diocese of Charleston are registering for a rejuvenating weekend in the pristine beauty of the Diakonia Retreat Center situated among walking trails, lakes, and fresh mountain air. Fall Retreat 2015: Made for Greatness returns to Salem, SC and features Father Marcin Zahuta (Pastor of St. Thomas More in Columbia).

About the retreat: (click to read the Brochure)

In a world that encourages the human person to ‘just get by’, many suffer from the unbearable sense of a life filled with unfulfilling relationships, meaningless work, and an unclear purpose and direction that seem to only lead to a greater longing for something more. ‘The World offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort, you were made for greatness.’ –Pope Emeritus

Knowing that we are created in the ‘image and likeness of God’ (Gen 1:26), there is freedom in acknowledging our weaknesses and as our Holy Father, Pope Francis reminds us ‘trusting in the infinite mercy and patience of our Lord Jesus Christ…in a spirit of penance” to take off the burdening yokes of complacency and feelings of unfulfillment, and place on the robe of joyfully living in the freedom of the fullness of life in Christ.

Who should come:

Any young adult (18-35) who wants to grow in holiness and attain a greater knowledge of the Catholic faith.

How much does it cost*?

Private Room: $130

Shared Room: $75

Cost includes dinner on Friday, breakfast, lunch & dinner on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday, and snacks.

*For scholarships, please contact the Office of Young Adult Ministry

Registration interest/questions? Contact Rachel Neubauer.

Payment: Mail your check (payable to the Diocese of Charleston) to:

Office of Young Adult Ministry
Diocese of Charleston
901 Orange Grove Road
Charleston, SC 29407

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