August 7-9, 2015 – Catholic Leadership Training: Rediscovering the Heart of Christian Leadership


‘If you asked the average person, “What does the Catholic Church stand for?” few would say the love and mercy of Jesus Christ…’ Over 2,000 years ago, a young adult began His mission at the age of 30 and transformed the whole world. He called forth humanity to transform their lives in simple yet, radical ways that were contrary to what the culture of the time was preaching. He challenged hearts and lives to be authentic to the image that they had been created in, and from that presence of God was made known to the world, through a vibrant, faith-filled community.

Thousands of years later, the call and challenge still remain. In a time where young adults are aching to belong and know their dignity and worth, the role of the Christian witness is more critical than ever. Join young adult leaders from across the Diocese as we re-equip with the strategy of the first followers of Christ, while facing the challenges of our current culture, in Rediscovering the Heart of Christian Leadership.

Registration and Information can be found by clicking: 2015 Leadership Training

Online Registration can be found HERE.

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